Happy Tuesday

Hi everyone! Sorry we had another three day weekend. Our weather is kind of crazy and it makes mom want to stay in bed. The weather will be nice and warm one day like 78-80 F (25.5-26 C) and then the next day? It will be 60 F (15 C) it makes us all feel icky. Mom gets stuck in bed and Gabriel gets extra grumpy.

The weather is supposed to finally stay cool coming up after Wednesday. So hopefully next week we’ll have a good Monday post for everyone.

Because he didn’t get his day yesterday I’m going to share a photo of Gabriel today so he doesn’t get left out. Here’s a nice photo of him smiling.

And here’s me taking a nap. Sometimes we fight over who gets to sit in mom’s chair MOL

And here’s baby Razzy, he’s such a fluffy brother but I’ve liked playing with him. He’ll chase me down the hall so I chase him up the hall. But I don’t like when he jumps on me when I’m leaving the litter box. I’m trying to teach him that that’s not good manners.

Lots of pictures for Happy Tuesday. Mom wants me to remind you all if you live in places that have Autumn to maybe unhook your hoses if it’s going to get cold. You don’t want to have things freeze and break.

Mom took our hose away today and put up some outside Halloween decorations. Including the ghost projector! Here’s the ghosts inside the house when mom was making sure it worked. We chirped at these ghosts, they looked a lot like sun fairies.

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Have a wonderful purr filled Tuesday,
Azrael (And Gabriel and Raziel)

Happy Tuesday!

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Sorry we missed yesterday, sometimes Mondays are hard. Especially since we now have a baby in the house. But some good news? Lilah is doing lots lots better! Our doctor knew what they were talking about, it’s been 5 days and she has no snotty nose and is breathing and isn’t so skinny. She also is eating the dry foods and her wet foods. Her nose still has a little booboo on it you can see it in the photo but that will take a little bit longer to heal up mom says.

See? I like to play with her under the door and we smack feets together. Sometimes she gets really good hits in and pops my peets really well.

The other day? I was licking my tail and gave it a bit of a bad hair day and the hair all stuck up. Mom and the people sister were laughing at me and following me around! It was very rude and mom even took a photo!

I was very offended and told her she gets to sleep alone for a few days. Taking photos of ones bad hair days is not very polite. They were calling me ‘piggy bottom’ *sigh* Can you believe what I have to live with?

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday filled with happy things,

Happy Tuesday!

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We had a blessed Yom Kippur. Mom watched lots of services and taked care of us. See me in Ralph the shark? Mom thinks it’s funny that we avoid Ralph for a long time and then decide we all have to sleep in him. Sometimes we have to rotate all our beds to keep them fresh. You other cats out there understand right?

The weather turned cold! Mom turned on the furnace and fireplace and now we all want to nap in warm places. Mom dragged out Halloween decorations today and is going to start putting them up too! YAY Halloween.

Ignore my dirty ear there. I’ve been giving mom some fits when she wants to squirt the icky inside it. This is me pouncing on mom’s legs at sleepy times. I want to give her lots of love cause she’s been so sad and scared.

Mom is now giving Lilah medicine twice a day and she’s getting her nose wiped a lot. She’s still eating and drinking but not a lot so mom ordered us all kitty milk. She says it might help Lilah want to drink more then.

We really hope she’ll be ok. Thank you all so much for all the purrs please keep them coming as we think she hears them all and keeps fighting.

Here’s a photo of Miss Lilah the day mommy took her to the Pet Hospital

The good news is that no one else seems to be getting Lilah’s sick which kind of backs what the vet told Dad that it’s just a flare of Lilah’s regular stuff. Even the silly baby brother is fine. Even if he keeps trying to take baths in the drinking fountain.

Our next holiday is coming up on Friday! Mom hopes Lilah feels good enough for a blog post and special photos she has prepared for then.

We hope you all have an amazing love filled Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

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How has everyone been since our little blog break? Did you have a good weekend and if you are Jewish like us how was your Rosh Hashanah? We had a good one although the new brother was driving us a bit up the wall. We did laugh when he had to get a bath. Very glad mom doesn’t bathe us.

But he didn’t seem to mind much? He doesn’t like when I try to eat his kitten food and he hissed at me! Me! He’s so little and he’s hissing at me. Don’t tell anyone but I ran away to hide outside cause he’s a bully.

Mom gave me lots of love and told me she still loved me and don’t worry I’ll get used to the baby soon. He laid in mom’s lap yesterday and I was on the arm of the chair so that’s practically getting along.

Mom has been spending extra time with us all worried we’d get sad because of the little brother and I even got extra treats yesterday. They were yummy.

Because I am very nice I’ll share this photo mom took of Raziel, I guess he is pretty cute when he’s not running around wild.

Mom was sad that because of the big sick she couldn’t go do Tashlikh like she usually would. Tashlikh is a Jewish ritual performed during the High Holy Days where peoples go to a body of water (preferably with fishies in it) and symbolically cast off their sins. A big name Rabbi said that because of the virus it wasn’t needed this year because it could make people sick and Pikuach Nefesh (the sanctity of saving a life) comes first. But mom found a way to still do it!

In her video game! She went onto the pier where there was a fish and said the prayer and tossed the fishy food into the water.

Yay for technology to help people right? I think it was pretty cool. Lilah was trying to catch the fishies on the tv though.

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Love and Purrs and Happy 5781,

Happy Tuesday Tabbies!

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I like cuddles with mom at bedtime.

Even though sometimes she sneakily cleans my ears.

She pretended she was rubbing and itching my face with a tissue and she did it for so long I was making muffins and purring and falling asleeps and then? She wiped out my ear!

I was super offended but she went back to rubbing my face so then I felt better and stayed with her. She did it a few times and then yesterday she also squirted me in the ear with ear cleaner and I had to hide under the bed for a while. But mom says my ear doesn’t look as gross. She says we have to do it every week for two weeks.

Yuck. The things I do for my mom.

Here’s a perfect song for a Happy Tuesday

Have a wonderful Happy Tuesday full of purrs and muffins,


Happy Tabby Tuesday

Hi guys! I spent yesterday relaxing and hanging out being a good boy.

During the daytime it got hot so mom locked the cat door! It made me sad and I kept crying but when nighttime came she let me out. She keeps telling me soon it will be cool enough I can go out and play all day.

I’ve been getting lots of snuggles and then found out that today? Is mom’s birthday! Happy birthday to our mom!

Last night I cuddled with mom and watched the Great British Baking Show. I tried to catch some of the people but they just moved too fast. So mom put the fishy game on her tablet for me. Mom says she wants to try and take more videos of is to share. I told her good luck MOL.

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Meows and Murrs,


P.S. Mom wants you to know my x-rays are at a sister office to where our vet is because our vet’s machine is broked. She’s not sure if she’ll have the results right away or if they have to be sent to my vet. But she’ll update when I’m home and how I’m doing and then when she has the results too.

Happy Tuesday

Hi guys! Check me out. I love the catio and all the bugs that land on the screens. I try to get them for snacks.

Mom had to buy a patch kit for our screen. She says soon we’ll rip a hole and so she’s got repairs on hand! Mol

Here I am hanging out with mom at bedtime too. Don’t I look pretty in the pink light?

Mom wanted me to share some pictures of old cats from her childhood too. She says there’s more but the photos have not been scanned in so we can only introduce you to two so far.

Creamsicle is this kitty

Most of the kitties mom and the brothers had were dropped off because they lived near a city park. So grandpa and grandma would get the kitties fixed and they would just live outside. Grandpa didn’t like inside kitties.

This is Oreo (and mom’s other brother). Oreo was the all time favorite for a long time

Oreo lived for 21 year because grandpa build an outside cat enclosure to keep him safe. The cat home outside? Would also be the other reason the other outside kitties lived for so long. Through the years mom said there was Fatso who she called Moony who lived for 18 years, Nosy who lived for 20, and Gomer Pile who unfortunately got lost before Grandpa was able to get him into the cat home. The kitties in the home were super spoiled with heated houses, heated water dishes and more. They all got fixed too. Nosy, Fatso and Gomer were all from a litter of kittens that were dumped in a box and mom, grandma, and uncle had to bottle feed them all.

Mom said they would see Gomer come around for a good 5 more years but he was an old Tom and he just stopped visiting and they suspect he passed away.

There was also a little doggy named Little Tom. Little Tom was when mom was very young so there aren’t any photos of him. But mom remembers getting him married to the neighbors dog with their kid owners helps MOL. Little Tom was a little black terrier. He was a very good dog and he loved doggy bones and he had the cutest little tail.

We hope you enjoyed listening about some of the pets mom had as a little kid.

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Happy Tuesday!

Mom says I take really good photos. Sometimes I blur them but that’s ok too. I’m just an active little boycat. It’s almost time for our monthly flea treat and ear clean day and I hate those. They make me cry a lot. But I don’t like itchies either.

So I guess soon someone will come on here and tell you all I was a bad kitty. But mom bought me treats that I like so maybe this time won’t be so bad? Also it’s not like I bite! I just demand that they let me go. I’m not some bunny to be held like that.

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Purrs and Headbutts,


Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday friends! Mom says I’m super cute when I cross my paws. She makes lots of cooing noises and acts so silly when I do it. Mom’s are kind of weird sometimes.

I slept and napped with mom all day yesterday as she had a headache and I’m good at keeping her company. The weather is going to be cooler for a few days and it’s going to rain. We’re very excited for the cooler weather again.

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Crossed Paws and Bunny tail waggles,

Happy Tuesday!

Hi friends! Yesterday was Gabriel’s birthday. Mom doesn’t like to take photos until the day of and then she feels bad posting them the day after but since it’s Happy Tabby Tuesday and Gabriel is a tabby too. Today is for him!

Mom bought these blocks for us. They are supposed to be for people babies but mom says we’re her babies and sometimes it’s easier than the chalkboard.

It has months, years, and weeks and grade on it. Mom will use it for years for our birthdays. She tried to give Gabriel the stuffed cupcake too but he threw it on the floor and Lilah ran away with it. So then she used the little snake toy to get him to look and he knocked over his blocks.

He got lots of love and pets for his birthday. He is 10 years old now!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Gabriel
Happy Birthday to you!

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Snuffles and head butts,