Not very Wordless Wednesday

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I’m sharing today with Raziel as mom said she still doesn’t know where to stick him in the week. Maybe he’ll just show up here and there as long as you all don’t mind our days thrown off a little. Mom said he does silly things. I napped near him today and didn’t hiss or fight him.

Lilah is still working on getting better. Mom got us cat milk and Lilah is having plenty of pees in the litter box. Dehydration is very scary in cats but there are ways to know if we’re getting enough liquid, even when we are sick.

How to spot dehydration in cats:

Litter Box Habits:
Kitties should go pee 2-4 times a day, this is of course impacted by hydration, head, and humidity. But 2-4 is a good number if you are counting potties for dehydration.

Skin Tenting:
There is something called tenting. Skin Tenting is a good way to check hydration in cats. To do this, take a pinch of skin around her shoulders and gently pull it up – if she is adequately hydrated it should ping straight back into place. If she is dehydrated, then her skin will return to position more slowly. (It will stay up like a tent)

Gum Stickiness:
Lift your kitties lips and feel her gums. The gums should be pink and moist. When you put your finger against the gums if they feel sticky your kitty is dehydrated.

These tips are also good for doggies! Make sure your furry friends have fresh clean drinking water around the clock. Some cats drink better with fountains. If you are concerned your kitty isn’t getting enough water you can also add more water to their wet food if they get it.

During illness you can also add things to their diet like cat milk to try and entice them to drink more. Dehydration can be very bad for kitties so make sure to watch your friends.

Many Purrs and Love Swats,

Wordless Wednesday (mostly)

We just want to take a moment to remind everyone that we love you all. Mom made a new page in memory of all the blogger kitties (and doggies) that have cross to the rainbow bridge. You can click it above and each picture has a link to the blog of that angel.

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P.S. 7 days to go!