Thankful Thursday

This post is brought to you by from the Thankful Thursday blog hop from Brians Home Blog.

This week I’m super thankful for our Haunted Hotel cat house!

It’s got two stories which means even more scratching spots than usual.

I can be on the top part and Azrael on the bottom at the same time and he won’t bother me too bad.

Mom sprinkled catnip in the house too which makes us all happy. Raziel likes to go in and out of the windows like a silly kitten. Raziel doesn’t react to catnip yet. Apparently kitties need to be about 6 months for that. But there’s a chance Raziel might not ever react to catnip as it’s a hereditary trait.

Me though? I love catnip. It makes me lick the ground and the sky and the house and myself. I like to roll around in it cause it makes me happy. Gabriel and Azrael both like catnip too. But Valkyrie and Lilah do not. So we’ll have to wait and see if Razzy ends up being a nip addict.

This scratchy hotel is two times the size of our other scratch house. Lots more places to scratch too. We’re thankful for all the spooky Halloween stuff too. Mom has been putting up lots of decorations and fun things and lots of stuffy toys for us that are spooky too.

Head butts and paw swipes,

10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Balthy, what a fab haunted house!
    You know what? The PO’M doesn’t react to catnip or silvervine, and he’s a grown up kitty now.
    He just wants ME; guess there are worse things in life than being a human cat toy!


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