Thankful Thursday with Balthazar

We’re joining the great kitties from Brian’s Home Blog for their Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Because it’s Remember Me Thursday we’re sharing a kitty and a doggy from our shelter here in Indiana that needs a forever home.

This is Angel. She’s a 10 year old kitty who needs to be the only kitty of the home. She gets along with tolerant dogs who realize she’s the queen of the castle. For more information on Angel or how to adopt her visit HERE

This is Ozzie! He’s a 9 year old sweet guy who was surrendered with this brother. He’s never had to spend the holiday season in a shelter before so please let’s make this year not be the first. You can inquire about Ozzie HERE

Mom knows we don’t get the mostest of traffic but maybe someone from Indiana will come across one of these babies and want to give them a lovely forever home.

Now we’ll get onto the star of the show (I’m just kidding! Just Kidding!) but it’s me!

Mom said that picture looked like a school picture but I told her not without my bowtie. So we’ll try to get a photo soon with my bows.

I’m very thankful that it’s getting colder. Now mom doesn’t have to run the loud rumbly machine and we can sit on it and know we are safes.

Dis is me being a Ravioli. Mom thought it was a funny picture. I’m just really thankful for all these fun shelves mom and dad put up for us to climb.

I’m thankful for kitty biscuits too even though I have to share them with the newest little fluff. Mom makes sure no one steals anyone’s biscuits though. Sometimes Azrael likes to sneak in and take them.

We know it’s Thanks Day but our human sister needs some prayers and good thoughts. She had to get a test today for the bad sick. Mom and dad are worried. We’re supposed to know if sister is ok in 2-3 days.

But I’ll leave you on one more happy note. I’m very thankful that it’s PUMPKIN SEASON! Mommy brought out the little stuffed pumpkins today and I love playing with those. MOL

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to join the blog hop.

Purrs and Head Butts,

13 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday with Balthazar

  1. Those are terrific photos Balthazar! We sure hope those sweet seniors get their forever home soon. Adoptions are just the best and here’s to many, many more…and then some. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


    • We hope they get homes soon too! Miss Kyrie came to us through a TNR program! Then she was a foster cat for over a year! Then we brought her home!


  2. We are sending extra double purrs and prayers for your human sister Balthazar. We really like all your photos and that is a good thankful. We had a hot day again yesterday all of a sudden and Dad was caught at the store being over hotted in his long sleeve T shirt. Yeah he is an odd duck MOL


  3. Thanks for spreading the word to help pets get out of shelters. I love that photo of you- it does look like a school photo. XO


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