Happy Tuesday

Hi guys! Check me out. I love the catio and all the bugs that land on the screens. I try to get them for snacks.

Mom had to buy a patch kit for our screen. She says soon we’ll rip a hole and so she’s got repairs on hand! Mol

Here I am hanging out with mom at bedtime too. Don’t I look pretty in the pink light?

Mom wanted me to share some pictures of old cats from her childhood too. She says there’s more but the photos have not been scanned in so we can only introduce you to two so far.

Creamsicle is this kitty

Most of the kitties mom and the brothers had were dropped off because they lived near a city park. So grandpa and grandma would get the kitties fixed and they would just live outside. Grandpa didn’t like inside kitties.

This is Oreo (and mom’s other brother). Oreo was the all time favorite for a long time

Oreo lived for 21 year because grandpa build an outside cat enclosure to keep him safe. The cat home outside? Would also be the other reason the other outside kitties lived for so long. Through the years mom said there was Fatso who she called Moony who lived for 18 years, Nosy who lived for 20, and Gomer Pile who unfortunately got lost before Grandpa was able to get him into the cat home. The kitties in the home were super spoiled with heated houses, heated water dishes and more. They all got fixed too. Nosy, Fatso and Gomer were all from a litter of kittens that were dumped in a box and mom, grandma, and uncle had to bottle feed them all.

Mom said they would see Gomer come around for a good 5 more years but he was an old Tom and he just stopped visiting and they suspect he passed away.

There was also a little doggy named Little Tom. Little Tom was when mom was very young so there aren’t any photos of him. But mom remembers getting him married to the neighbors dog with their kid owners helps MOL. Little Tom was a little black terrier. He was a very good dog and he loved doggy bones and he had the cutest little tail.

We hope you enjoyed listening about some of the pets mom had as a little kid.

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11 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. Kitties love their catios. It’s good for them to get fresh air and see what’s happening outside.

    Enjoyed your walk through all the precious babies you’ve had over your lifetime. You made me do the same.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥


  2. Dad has had us destroy lots of screens over the years but as we got older we left them alone. What a fun Catio and thanks for sharing those old photos. They are wonderful and they sure were taken good care of to have longevity like that


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