Let’s get Thankful

Hi everyone. Today is the perfect day for giving thanks. Why? Because it’s Thankful Thursday.

I am very grateful for soft Christmas blankets. They are the best. Mom says they are really cheap every year and buys a bunch because we kitties love them. They are great for making muffins on too.

Azrael is thankful for boxes. Even tiny ones. He climbs in them and enjoys them even if they are too tiny. He likes all the amazon boxes mom and dad get too.

We’re all thankful that it’s Thursday and it’s another blog hope from Brian’s Home! You can click below to join the hop

Hope you all have a wonderful blessed Thursday,


6 thoughts on “Let’s get Thankful

  1. Blankets and boxes are great thankfuls, you kitties are extra cute today! Thanks for the tip on the Christmas blankets – we’ll keep an eye out for deals!


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