Happy Tabby Tuesday!

Here’s Miss Kyrie after mom brushed and brushed her. Sometimes mom has a hard time brushing (or petting Kyrie) because she likes to smack you if you don’t pet her right. Or if you stop petting her to get a knot? She’ll hit you! With her sharps out! So you have to pet her and brush her at the same time. She does roll over and let you brush the knots on her tummy if you get her when she’s sleepy. Mom grooms the girls daily because they have long hair. But us boys don’t need as much brushing so she just brushes us every week or so.

We have a big big surprise coming soon but mom says we have to keep it a surprise. It’s so hard. We’re really bad at surprises. Gabriel’s 10th birthday is coming up too but that’s not the surprise. It’s going to be very exciting you guys.

Let’s post a pic of the soon to be birthday boy too since it’s Tabby Tuesday!

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Purrs and Nose Kisses,


7 thoughts on “Happy Tabby Tuesday!

  1. I know all about trying to get a knot out of fur- Polar Bear and Jinx can be pretty nasty when I try. I can’t wait to see your surprise. And we will be here to help the birthday boy celebrate. XO


  2. Yes brushing and petty has to be done just right or there can be painful consequences. I so remember.

    A surprise. I love surprises. I can’t wait to hear about the surprise.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥


    • Brushing is a very involved process! Mom has 5 different brushes depending on which of us she’s brushing MOL.

      We hope everyone will love the surprise!

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