Monochromatic Mail Monday

Hi Furends! It’s Valkyrie here. Today is three things in a one blog. First we’ll start with #monochromaticmonday which our mommy found on instagram and liked so much that she made one of Gabriel. Mommy says that means it’s one color. So black and white, but it can also mean all blue or all red. Just all one color.


On top of this Monochromatic Monday it was a very special mail Monday! Miss Ellen from 15andmeowing contacted us about making us some yarmulke (which we will also call kippot or kippah for one to avoid future confusion) and she said she would send us some catnip ghosties she makes.

Balthazar knew as soon as our mommy opened the package that there was something special inside.

may14(6)He stuck his head right in and pulled out…

may14(7)a ghostie! Wow these are really nice and smell so good.

may14(10)Look at these two really cute ghosties!

may14(11)Mommy gave one to me and I got a bit carried away and started kicking the littlest ghostie with my back feet. Mommy thought it was really cute.

We also got some really cute kippot and some adorable little bowties which Balthazar dragged off onto the cat tree already.


Miss Ellen is super pawsome and we love our presents. Because mommy said we were ‘high’ she didn’t attempt to put on our kippah yet but she said she’ll do that soon.

Balthazar took his big ghostie over to the toy box even. He’s a very good boy but first he rolled around with it a bit more pol.


So thank you Miss Ellen from the bottom of our hearts. We love these presents so very much.

Because it’s also Awww Monday mommy took a photo of my toe beans today. She says my toes are pink and black which she hasn’t ever had another kitty with toes like mine.


Mommy thought of a spark for this week. She doesn’t remember where she read it but it was in a book about Buddhism. Our mommy is very afraid of death and this quote helps a lot.

Think of a wave in the ocean. If it saw itself as only a wave and not as part of the ocean then it may live in fear of the time it will crash against the shore and ceases to to be a wave. But if it is able to see the truth of it’s form then it has no reason to fear the time it reaches the shore.

We hope you’ll join us again next Monday for another Monochromatic Monday with a really nice Awww and a Spark thrown in.




6 thoughts on “Monochromatic Mail Monday

  1. That’s a whole bunch of Awww. Miss Ellen is a wonderful blogging buddy. I’m happy you love all her work. We all do. Thanks for linking up to Awww Mondays.

    Love your Spark.

    Have a purrfect Awww Monday filled with lots of wonderful Sparks. ♥


  2. That is a wonderful spark. I love all these photos of you kitties enjoying the toys I made for you 🙂 I can’t wait to see you all in kippahs. XO


  3. oh we are so happy to meet you and are honored to see our name on your side bar! We want to follow you, can you add “follow by email” to your sidebar please? And….are you Jewish like we are?????? We love your photos!!! xoxoxo We learned about you from Ms.Ellen!


    • Mom isn’t sure how to add the Follow by Email button but she’ll give a try! Thank you for your comment! We are Jewish! Mommy and the kids are and they said that meant us kitties are Jewish too! xxxooxxx


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