Introducing the Angelic Clowder

Mom Issy here and I figured an introductory post would probably be a good idea. So you guys would know a bit about our Angelic Clowder and how they came to be in our home.

Our oldest kitty is Gabriel, he came to us on Halloween in 2010 and he was a little rescue ginger. The vet said he was probably around 11 weeks old. So we chose August 15th, 2010 for his birthday. He’s now our Senior cat and he makes sure he lets people know that he is very very particular. Petting is very welcome and he’s a very nice lap cat of purrs. However he does not like when you are trying to shoo him away and he’s asleep. He hisses but never hurts. He’s got many nicknames which I will try to share with you all here but first lets start with his name Gabriel. Gabriel is named after my favorite archangel. Gabriel is the messenger of G-d, and he’s also the one who appeared to the prophet Daniel.
There is a prayer we say before bed in Judaism that says:

May Michael, the energy of love, be on my right side.
May Gabriel, the energy of courage, be on my left side.
May Uriel, the energy of vision, be in front of me.
May Raphael, the energy of healing, be behind me.
Shechinat El: May your energy surround me.
And may I feel Your Presence inside me.
I love You and You love me.

Gabriel is a good angel to have in your corner. He’s also a great cat to have when you aren’t having such a nice day. He’s great for snuggles when you aren’t feeling well. Some of his many nicknames include: Puff, Ginger Puff, Agent Puff, Agent P, Gingey, Ginger Fluff, and Old Man.

Our number two kitty who is our second oldest is Balthazar. His full name is Balthazar Loki Michael. At the time I was going through a Supernatural freak out and named him after an angel from the tv show Supernatural named Balthazar. Loki also was a character on the show I liked so he got that one too. Then finally Michael, another Archangel as his third name.

Balthazar is the only none rescue cat we have. We got him from a reputable breeder and he is a full blooded Bengal. We chose Balthazar because my friend is the breeder and she messaged me that she had a kitten that no one wanted because he wasn’t show quality and she was worried what kind of home he’d go into because most Bengal owners want a Bengal with large rosettes.

I couldn’t say no. He was so adorable and tiny and pretty. He was born on June 2, 2011 and came home to us in early August. He’s been nothing but a loud mouthed joy since then. He’s also my bath and shower buddy and almost always joins me. He is a great kitty and whenever I am dealing with seizures Balthazar will come and lay against me and head butt against me until I’m well. He’s now 6 years and 9 months old and is 16 lbs and a really big boy. lol

Balthazar has a lot of nicknames too: Balth, Thaz, Zar, Mike, Micky, Mouthazar, loud boy, big boy, spotty butt.

Our next kitty is Hayyel. She’s named after the angel of wild animals. We got her from a little girl down the street who came to us in tears because her mom was trying to throw the 6 month old kittens they had outside and dump them. Her name was Krypto when we got her but it did not fit her at all. She’s a Calico baby and we decided that Hayyel fit her very well. Hayyel is 5 1/2 years old right now.

Hayyel is an aggressive snuggler. lol that might be a weird way to say it but if your hands are anywhere near her? She will stand up and make you pet her by putter her head into your hand. She loves light up toys and little toy mice. She’ll keep them in her mouth and carry them all over the house. She thinks that the moment I get up from my wheelchair it instantly transforms into a cat bed. Because of that I have to keep rolly sticky brushes in all my wheelchair bags lol She likes sleeping in boxes and crates too.

Surprisingly she doesn’t have as many nicknames as the others: Hay-Hay, Little Bit, and Obsessively Cuddler are her only real nicknames.

Our fourth kitty we have is Valkyrie! Valkyrie is a rehabbed feral cat who was TNR’d as a young kitten and then brought inside for winter and then fostered there until we adopted her. When we adopted her her name was Dawn and I just didn’t think that fit so we went with Valkyrie. Now Valkyrie isn’t an angel name per-say but more the Valkyrie are a type of angel in Norse Mythology.

A Valkyrie is a female spirit who chooses who will live and who will die in battle. They are essentially an angel of death. So we decided Valkyrie would fit in with our angel cats.

Valkyrie is a really sweet ball of fluff. She likes sleeping on people and getting her belly rubbed. She does not however like people messing with her cute fluffy toe beans. She doesn’t mind wearing hats and loves being brushed. She can make almost anything into a toy but she really loves these little plush balls that have sparkles in them. She is my big baby of the whole bunch and she’s also the most skittish. She had to go to the vet last week and it was horrible traumatic and I cried about it. She’s ok though! Checked out and got her shots.

She is also our littlest cat weighing in at only 8 lbs. All the others are over 10 lbs but she’s our petite little girl. By our estimation Kyrie is about 4 years old. She’s our beautiful baby cat

She has a lot of nicknames too honestly lol Kyrie, Kye Kye, Myrie, Fluff, Floof, Puff Girl, Baby, Baby Cakes.

Now although she’s no longer with us she deserves an honorable mention. My sweet kitty Darcy who passed in October of 2014 from HCM (feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). Darcy was a retired breeder Maine Coon cat that we got March 28, 2010 and I loved her so dearly. Even now I have some tears typing about her. What we didn’t know when we got her is that her previous owners although registered breeders never had their cats tested for HCM. Something that any good and respectable breeder will do. They didn’t and we were told they had. By the time we realized something was wrong it was too late. On October 4, 2014 Darcy died from HCM and I still miss her so very much. She was my Emotional Support Animal that I got after my daughter died. I’m mentioning her because I think she might show up on a Throwback Thursday here or there.

Here’s photos of my beautiful Darcy

So that’s our gang. We also have a doggy named Angelina and she’ll probably show up here also from time to time. She’s very hard to get photos of though because she’s always on the go go go. She’s a German Shepherd/Lab mix and because her name is Angelina she counts to stay in our Angelic group.

Now that you know the cats are all Angels you can probably see where the name of the blog came from. A Clowder is a group of cats. So here we have The Angelic Clowder.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my babies and I hope you’ll hang around and get to know them as we go about our lives and enjoy the little things in life.

Since it’s Friday and our first day on this new blog. We’re going to make this post part of Feline Friday the blog hop in hopes to make some new friends


9 thoughts on “Introducing the Angelic Clowder

  1. As the host of Feline Friday, I say welcome. You have some great kitties present and past. There are lots of kitty lovers for both Feline Friday and Awww Mondays. You’ll love them all. So make sure you visit some of the links on my blog. You’ll enjoy their kitties too.

    Have a purrfect Feline Friday. β™₯

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  2. Wow you have some incredibly beautiful, exotic kitties. Of course she jumps in your chair you were getting it warm for her, weren’t you? Balthazar head butts you when you have seizures, incredible.


  3. Isn’t it wonderful to be surrounded by all your sweet little angels, Issy. They are all very cute and we love the names and the stories behind them πŸ™‚ Did you know that Granny had an Angel too? His name was just Angel, but he was just as special as your angels ❀ Granny purrays the same purrayer every day in the morning in Dutch πŸ™‚ Pawkisses for a wonderful day to all of you πŸ™‚ ❀


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