Feline Friday Fill-in!

Where to start? I’m not sure so lets start with our fill-ins. They are from Four-legged Furballs and 15andmeowing!

1. When this pandemic is over, I am going to hug all my friends so tight.
2. I have zero interest in sports.
3. I always look forward to taking naps with the kitties.
4. Mosquitoes are the bane of my existence.

I’ve said it before but I always feel awkward answering these haha. Maybe I’ll let the kitties do it next week. With my typing help of course. lol

I wasn’t sure who to share for Feline Friday so lets go with this photo of Lilah. She’s the youngest of our bunch and despite her 2nd birthday coming up we call her the kitten lol.

I had hoped we’d have some nice catio photos but it’s been 100 for the past week and that’s way to hot for kitties on the catio so we’re all inside in the aircon staying cool!

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Also we want to wish you all an amazing shabbat. May it be peaceful and wondrous. Shabbat Shalom

Caturday Art Hop

Hi everyone! Sorry this is so late in the day! Dad had a possible exposure to Covid and is now in quarantine from the rest of us and it’s been making mom kind of sad. Hopefully Dad will be fine.

Now for art today is an Azrael art day. Recently I had a commission from an artist to do Azrael in a style similar to Animal Crossing! A game the whole family is playing lately. So I thought it would be fun to share that today

So here is Azrael looking very much like a grumpy Animal Crossing character lol He even has his eyebrow pierced like the rebellious teenager he is. LOL

I also did a photo of Azzy in LunaPic editor

Here’s the before pic!

So I hope you enjoy these photos. As it’s the evening of the 4th and fireworks displays will be going wild tonight we’d like to remind everyone of some safety tips

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Thankful Thursday

I actually meant to post yesterday and then it was just kind of a bad day. So lets do a Thankful Thursday post!

Lilah wants everyone to know she’s very thankful for freeze dried minnows. She loves the crunch when she gets them as treats. She also loves the catio and is thankful for it. She really likes stuffed babies too and is glad mom gave her her own little stuffed toys. She likes getting brushed too even though though sometimes she tries to eat the brush.

What am I, Mom, thankful for? Everything right now. πŸ™‚

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Monday Awws, Music, and Sparks

Balthazar enjoying the catio! We finally got a cat tree out there and a nice chenille rug for them that he loves

All the kitties are very much enjoying the catio even when it’s storming! Azrael loves being out the most with Lilah and Balthazar not far behind. Valkyrie and Gabriel even like it out there but they like it best after dark.

Our spark this week is ‘Life is a series of baby steps.‘ by Hoda Kotb

Which is so true, especially when you are going through a bad situation. But just keep going and you’ll get out on the otherside!

Now for this weeks Mewsic Moves Me it was a your song choice but the owner of the blog hope did songs with China in the title. Well we don’t have one of those. But have another beautifully stunning Chinese song.

This is one of my favorites. It just stuns me with it’s beauty.

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Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday and I gotta admit it’s hard being thankful sometimes right now. But there are some things.

We’re thankful for the catio that my dad built. I’m thankful that the kitties are all healthy right now and no problems. I’m thankful for my husband and him staying home to protect us with this scary virus going on no matter how much he misses work.

I’m thankful that I have friends here who still accept us even though we were gone for so long. I’m thankful for my feeding tube for giving me health. I’m thankful for my therapist who’s easy to reach by phone for weekly appointments.

My kitties are thankful that we got some new kitty treats! Freeze dried minnows and they love them! They also are thankful for the new grooming tools we have as they keep purring as we brush them. lol

So even though you might be stuck at home and depressed, please try to find the small things to be glad about. Think of it like Pollyanna and her glad game.

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Awww Monday Sparks

Miss Lilah learning how to use the cat door. We’re still working on it lol

For my spark today? I needed something powerful. But I wanted something meaningful. And I don’t even remember if I’ve used this one before.

β€œThese mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.”
~ Najwa Zebian

And for our very first time we’re joining Monday’s Music Moves Me! This week is Mewsic from around the world. This has been in my head for weeks because it became a meme but it’s a good song it was performed in 2010 by Fei Yu-ching a Taiwanese Singer. The song has become famous in the past few months thanks to the Tiktok and the chorus he sweetly croons in Chinese which means β€œThe snow falls and the Northern wind blows.”

This song was originally released in 1983 and became famous in 1984 as a theme song to a Taiwanese tv show. This song would have sadly faded into obscurity if not for Fei Yu-ching. So many people show it to their East Asian parents who sing along and now this song is moving on for future generations to love.

Please listen and enjoy.

I also wanted to share photos of our catio! We are still waiting on the cat tree for it and the soft kitty rug for naps but here it is from the outside

The kitties love going out onto it πŸ™‚

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Feline Fill-in Friday

My contribution to Feline Friday is Balthazar! Who likes curling up under blankets for a nap.

Let’s get to the Friday Fill-ins! Now remember these are really hard for me so my answers might not be what you are generally seeing haha

1. Watching hoarders motivates me to clean.
2. I put salt on the windows to ward off evil spirits. (This one was hard. I know most people will answer food but I can’t do that lol)
3. When it comes to my kitties, I don’t cut corners.
4. Never forget that someone out there loves you!

It’s been a long while

Hi everyone! I hope you can forgive me our over year long silence. 2019 was a rough year with lots of medical stuff going on. My crew of crazy characters are all doing well and we’ll get to some photos soon.

Last year in January I got a feeding tube put in and had some complications with that. So last year was up and down. Things are finally calming down but of course now we have the Coronavirus. The kitties are very much enjoying us being home 24/7 though.

We had the top of my ramp turned into a porch for the kitties. Fully enclosed from bugs and to keep the kits safe. Today we’re installing a cat door in our screen door for them. Photos of that will come soon.

I hope I can get back into the swing of things with blogging as I really miss it.

Health wise all the kitties have been grand. No major health issues or any issues really except Lilah and her boogers haha.

Here’s Miss Kyrie chilling on my bed

And here’s Azrael hanging out on the couch looking mischievous

Gabriel enjoying my lap

Balthazar checking out the porch

And Lilah exploring the catio too!

We hope you all are doing well and being safe in this scary time and hope all your kitties are doing good too. Please give us some updates on how everyone in your family is doing!

Awww 4 years and toebeans galore

We have some news. We are a day late for our Awww Monday but this is a good awww so you guys will want to see it.

Yesterday? Was sister Kyrie’s 4 year gotcha day! She has lived with us for a good while now.

Here is a 4 year photo of Miss Kyrie

It’s hard to believe she’s come so far and she likes sleeping in mom’s lap and sleeping with the little brother. Especially since when we first got her? No one saw her for four months. She just hid under the bed, then one day out of nowhere she came out and meowed at mom and begged for scritches. Now she’s a big lap fluff.

She’s shocked it’s been 4 years also. We love having her here though and she’s a very very good sister. Happy 4 years Valkyrie!

Now as you might remember last week we launched Toebean Tuesday so who’s toes are we sharing this week?

Balthazar! He has black toebeans like all Bengals. He also has a blep going on in this photo. 

The holiday shinys are taking over our house now, they are everywhere and it makes the little kits a bit hyper. Thankfully they have not knocked over the big trees so those are safe I think now. Knock on wood as mom says.

We hope you all have a wonderful Toebean and Tabby Tuesday and a belated Awww Monday. We’ll go ahead and link to the Aww Monday at Comedy-Plus too. Please also consider joining our Toebean Tuesday.

Many purrs and head nudges,


P.S. Before we forget! The day before yesterday was also Lilah’s 4 month birthday. So many important things to remember to post about today. Happy 4 months Lilah.