Monochromatic Sparks

Hi Furends, Balthazar here! Mom helped me search far and wide for a good spark this week and we found it.


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. ~ Helen Keller

That’s a good spark and we think it’s very true.  We feel love and feel all these things and they are beautiful.

Now we’ll get into Monochromatic Monday! Originally mom was going to do a different colored filter but she’s still trying to figure that out. So have a photo of Valkyrie being all fluffy and cute in black and white!


Doesn’t she look pretty?

Mom also wants to thank everyone for such nice and sweet comments in our last post. It made me cry happy tears.

Yesterday mom and the human sisters took a walk and took some photos of some neighborhood cats I want to share with you today!


They are some very fine looking kitties if I may say so myself. We will let you all go now and we hope you have a wonderful week full of happy things! Don’t forget to check out the blog hops.




Feline Fill-in Flashback Friday!

H everyone! It’s Issy the Clowder’s mom doing this post lol They’ve decided I’ll be in charge of Friday posts because I wanted to try the Fill-ins!

So we’ll start with the awesome Fill-ins that come from fourleggedfurballs and Miss Ellen from 15andmeowing 

1.Happiness is _____________.

2. Ten years ago, I _________________.

3. _________ is the best medicine.

4. Most people don’t know that I _________.
1. Happiness is a warm hug from a friend or family member or a lapful of snuggly kitty cat.
2. Ten years ago, I was going through a really hard time in my life. My youngest daughter had just died and life was very very hard.
3. Laughter, love, and smiles, are the best medicine.
4. Most people don’t know that I absolutely LOVE Alice Cooper! I would so love to see him in concert someday.

Now we’ll do a bit of flashback Friday.

Gabriel was such a baby face. Look how sweet he looked.

Here we have a very baby kitten Gabriel checking out stuff on his very first Christmas in 2011

He was such a little baby guy!

Here’s Gabriel tempting Darcy to play with him. LOL These two were amazing together.

Now that we’ve strolled down our memory lane a little let’s bring it back to the present. And bask in the here and now.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here we have Balthazar in the window. He was checking out the bugs

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Then we have our lovely sweet sleeping Gabriel. He’s on Valkyrie’s blanket but she doesn’t seem to mind sharing it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThen we have a Valkyrie sleeping on me. I have some heart issues and today they were playing up. Valkyrie likes laps but has never crawled on someone like this and just gone to sleep. She laid on my chest for two hours and just purred and made muffins. It made me so happy to know she loved me.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Final pic is a Balthazar belly!

Now today is a Fill-in which I linked above. But it’s also a Feline Friday which you can find using the button below. But it’s also a Friendship Friday! We’ve never joined them before but are going to give it a go.

I’m considering making a little button and maybe making Flashback Friday also a blog hop. But there might be too many blog hops already? Would anyone else be interested in an official Flashback Friday?

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Monochromatic Mail Monday

Hi Furends! It’s Valkyrie here. Today is three things in a one blog. First we’ll start with #monochromaticmonday which our mommy found on instagram and liked so much that she made one of Gabriel. Mommy says that means it’s one color. So black and white, but it can also mean all blue or all red. Just all one color.


On top of this Monochromatic Monday it was a very special mail Monday! Miss Ellen from 15andmeowing contacted us about making us some yarmulke (which we will also call kippot or kippah for one to avoid future confusion) and she said she would send us some catnip ghosties she makes.

Balthazar knew as soon as our mommy opened the package that there was something special inside.

may14(6)He stuck his head right in and pulled out…

may14(7)a ghostie! Wow these are really nice and smell so good.

may14(10)Look at these two really cute ghosties!

may14(11)Mommy gave one to me and I got a bit carried away and started kicking the littlest ghostie with my back feet. Mommy thought it was really cute.

We also got some really cute kippot and some adorable little bowties which Balthazar dragged off onto the cat tree already.


Miss Ellen is super pawsome and we love our presents. Because mommy said we were ‘high’ she didn’t attempt to put on our kippah yet but she said she’ll do that soon.

Balthazar took his big ghostie over to the toy box even. He’s a very good boy but first he rolled around with it a bit more pol.


So thank you Miss Ellen from the bottom of our hearts. We love these presents so very much.

Because it’s also Awww Monday mommy took a photo of my toe beans today. She says my toes are pink and black which she hasn’t ever had another kitty with toes like mine.


Mommy thought of a spark for this week. She doesn’t remember where she read it but it was in a book about Buddhism. Our mommy is very afraid of death and this quote helps a lot.

Think of a wave in the ocean. If it saw itself as only a wave and not as part of the ocean then it may live in fear of the time it will crash against the shore and ceases to to be a wave. But if it is able to see the truth of it’s form then it has no reason to fear the time it reaches the shore.

We hope you’ll join us again next Monday for another Monochromatic Monday with a really nice Awww and a Spark thrown in.



Thankful Thursday


Today I’m thankful for a lot of things. I’m thankful that my mommy lets me sit in her shower with her sometimes. I’m also thankful that my ear is all better now.

Mommy is thankful we live in a nice place in town. It may be small but today the humans finished unpacking and they got all their stuff to fit. It’s amazing and now the house smells just like us and not the scary smells anymore.

It’s gotten very hot here though and mommy is kind of sad about that but she does like that now she can go out in her chair and see the neighborhood kitty. We are very thankful that our neighborhood is safe and not scary for kitties that are outside.

may9(2)Mommy and sister saw this shadowy kitty hanging out on a porch. He followed them for two blocks mommy said. She said he was very nice and kept wanting pets.

may9(3)This kitty lives three doors away from us. Mommy said she didn’t like cuddles but that’s ok because we can take photos from afar and oogle at how pretty and fluffy she is.

We are also thankful today because mommy got the pet stroller unpacked. This means that I can take walks with her now. Gabriel and Valkyrie don’t like going outside but I sure do. Mom used to walk me on a harness but when she got her wheels it was a lot harder. Now she has a stroller and she takes me on rides.

This Thankful Thursday is part of Brian’s blog hope from Brian’s House!



Wordless Wednesday

may8(2)Miss Valkyrie on Meowm’s wheelchair. We are slowly getting moved in and unpacked.

may8(3)Balthazar on his kitty tree

may8Me asleep with my mousie. Meowmy snuck this photo in today.

May7 (2)Pretty Star of Bethlehem flowers that are in the new yard!.

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wordless wednesday

Caturday Art Day

Hi Furends! It’s Caturday Art Day! This is a blog hop and to find info on it there will be a link at the very end.

Our Meowmy worked really hard to get some good photos and edit them for you guys. We think we look pretty cool in them too. So meowmy started an instagram and has been posting a lot there too and last night since it was shabbat she made some little yarmulkes for us. So I’m going to share the photo of Valkyrie in hers first.


She’s reading the nighttime prayers too. Doesn’t she look so nice? Here’s the photo before it was edited.


You can find our Instagram at Angelic_Garrison

Next is a really nice photo of me that meowmy did


Look how magical I look? It’s so smokey! Here’s the unedited version


And finally we have brother Balthazar.


Our human sister laughed and laughed at this photo of Balth. She said he looks like he’s got a magical quest for someone. Meowmy said she was playing too many video games but she laughed too.

He’s feeling much better now and we’re really relieved. He really scared all of us when he was sick.

This is his photo without the editing.


This isn’t about art but we heard from our sister Hayyel’s new family and she’s doing very very well. They sent us a photo of her new favorite toy.


Her new mommy says that it makes a funny sproing when she plays with it and she hears it all night long. We are very glad Hayyel is doing so well and it made mommy cry but she knows she did the very very best.

We hope you guys are doing really good out there in Internet land and please let us know if you need any support or purrs and prayers?

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We moved!

Hi furends! We are sorry it’s been a long while. First Valkyrie got sick and then we moved. Then on top of everything I went to the vet yesterday because my ear has been itchy.

It turns out I have an ear infection but there are no bugs in there thankfully. The doctor lady washed out my ear and then put this really thick yucky stuff in it. Mom says that it’s antibiotic cream. The vet said it was long acting and would clean up my bad stuff in my ear really fast. They gave mom some for home too just in case.

The move was scary. First dad took away the bed! It was just gone. Him and grandpa took it and took away boxes and then they shoved us all in our little boxes. I hate my box, it makes me cry.  Then we were let out at a new place and it smells really weird.

Gabriel and Valkyrie hided a lot. I think they were scared of the smells and since we weren’t at home anymore. We’ve been here a few days now though and it’s much better and we aren’t so scared. The new house is smaller than our last one and it’s not so scary to explore!

We have a bunch of photos for you guys but please ignore any of the mess because we have a lot of unpacking still.


This next one mom says is amazing because it’s all three of us in one photo.


Valkyrie likes our human sister’s bed. It’s new and very soft.


This is me. It was after the vet put the icky in my ear but it’s ok. I’m feeling loads better.


Mom has finally figured out how she’ll do the categories tags on here. If you see one of our names in the category without photos after it? That means that’s who’s posting for the day. Also in the categories will be like Gabriel Photos and Valkyrie Photos. And then also which blog hop we’re doing that day if any! That way you guys can maybe follow along.