Thankful Thursday with Balthazar

We’re joining the great kitties from Brian’s Home Blog for their Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

Because it’s Remember Me Thursday we’re sharing a kitty and a doggy from our shelter here in Indiana that needs a forever home.

This is Angel. She’s a 10 year old kitty who needs to be the only kitty of the home. She gets along with tolerant dogs who realize she’s the queen of the castle. For more information on Angel or how to adopt her visit HERE

This is Ozzie! He’s a 9 year old sweet guy who was surrendered with this brother. He’s never had to spend the holiday season in a shelter before so please let’s make this year not be the first. You can inquire about Ozzie HERE

Mom knows we don’t get the mostest of traffic but maybe someone from Indiana will come across one of these babies and want to give them a lovely forever home.

Now we’ll get onto the star of the show (I’m just kidding! Just Kidding!) but it’s me!

Mom said that picture looked like a school picture but I told her not without my bowtie. So we’ll try to get a photo soon with my bows.

I’m very thankful that it’s getting colder. Now mom doesn’t have to run the loud rumbly machine and we can sit on it and know we are safes.

Dis is me being a Ravioli. Mom thought it was a funny picture. I’m just really thankful for all these fun shelves mom and dad put up for us to climb.

I’m thankful for kitty biscuits too even though I have to share them with the newest little fluff. Mom makes sure no one steals anyone’s biscuits though. Sometimes Azrael likes to sneak in and take them.

We know it’s Thanks Day but our human sister needs some prayers and good thoughts. She had to get a test today for the bad sick. Mom and dad are worried. We’re supposed to know if sister is on in 2-3 days.

But I’ll leave you on one more happy note. I’m very thankful that it’s PUMPKIN SEASON! Mommy brought out the little stuffed pumpkins today and I love playing with those. MOL

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to join the blog hop.

Purrs and Head Butts,

Happy Tuesday!

Hi friends! We’re joining Sandee from Comedy Plus for the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

How has everyone been since our little blog break? Did you have a good weekend and if you are Jewish like us how was your Rosh Hashanah? We had a good one although the new brother was driving us a bit up the wall. We did laugh when he had to get a bath. Very glad mom doesn’t bathe us.

But he didn’t seem to mind much? He doesn’t like when I try to eat his kitten food and he hissed at me! Me! He’s so little and he’s hissing at me. Don’t tell anyone but I ran away to hide outside cause he’s a bully.

Mom gave me lots of love and told me she still loved me and don’t worry I’ll get used to the baby soon. He laid in mom’s lap yesterday and I was on the arm of the chair so that’s practically getting along.

Mom has been spending extra time with us all worried we’d get sad because of the little brother and I even got extra treats yesterday. They were yummy.

Because I am very nice I’ll share this photo mom took of Raziel, I guess he is pretty cute when he’s not running around wild.

Mom was sad that because of the big sick she couldn’t go do Tashlikh like she usually would. Tashlikh is a Jewish ritual performed during the High Holy Days where peoples go to a body of water (preferably with fishies in it) and symbolically cast off their sins. A big name Rabbi said that because of the virus it wasn’t needed this year because it could make people sick and Pikuach Nefesh (the sanctity of saving a life) comes first. But mom found a way to still do it!

In her video game! She went onto the pier where there was a fish and said the prayer and tossed the fishy food into the water.

Yay for technology to help people right? I think it was pretty cool. Lilah was trying to catch the fishies on the tv though.

Anyway we hope you all have a wonderful Happy Tuesday. Be sure to check out Sandee’s blog!

Love and Purrs and Happy 5781,

Welcome Raziel!

Sorry for being MIA we’ve been introducing the newest family member around to everyone. Hopefully we’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow or the next day but I have to figure out where to work out new little guy into the schedule.

This is Raziel! He was born June 14th and is a white and blue bi colored Persian (although he’s ironically mostly white he has a blue spot on his ear, back, and a blue tail)

He came to us with a bit of eye staining which is what you see below his eyes but we’re working on it with eye envy and giving it a week or so should be much better. He’s 14 weeks old and a little bundle of energy.

He loves playing with all the toys and napping on people. Thankfully we were used to some bottom cleaning from Azrael because lol we’ve had to give this little dude two baths already.

As new family members go though we think it’s going pretty well. Lilah likes him and Valkyrie and Gabriel tolerate him. Azrael will follow him around but gets hissy when he gets too close (don’t worry it is ALL monitored and he’s in his kennel at nighttime) Balthazar will hide at the top of the couch and just watch him gleefully murder mice and fishes lol.

It’s definitely an adjustment having a kitten again but very very worth it! We hope the hype was worth it leading up to this surprise.

Now I just have to figure out posting when we have a new family member lmao. Any thoughts? We don’t want to post on Saturday and Sunday because we need a break so hmmmm 6 kitties and 5 days to post in. What to do, what to do?

We do hope you enjoyed his photos and hope you’ll join us when we’re back to the regular postings!

Much love and warm regards,

Mom Issy

Happy Tuesday Tabbies!

Hi everyone. For this post we’re joining the Happy Tuesday blog hop hosted by Sandee at Comedy-plus. Today we’re just supposed to post happies.

I like cuddles with mom at bedtime.

Even though sometimes she sneakily cleans my ears.

She pretended she was rubbing and itching my face with a tissue and she did it for so long I was making muffins and purring and falling asleeps and then? She wiped out my ear!

I was super offended but she went back to rubbing my face so then I felt better and stayed with her. She did it a few times and then yesterday she also squirted me in the ear with ear cleaner and I had to hide under the bed for a while. But mom says my ear doesn’t look as gross. She says we have to do it every week for two weeks.

Yuck. The things I do for my mom.

Here’s a perfect song for a Happy Tuesday

Have a wonderful Happy Tuesday full of purrs and muffins,


Awww Sparks Inspire Me

Sorry this is so late. Mom’s having an off week and thought this was scheduled and it wasn’t.


Sparks was originally a blog hop, made by Annie from McGuffy’s Reader. Annie is on a blogging break but a lot of us continue this in honor of her Vision which was to be a light for the coming week.

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.” – Sigmund Freud.

We all think this is a very good spark. Kitties are great. Mom’s doctor told her that when we sit in her lap and purr it’s cause we’re trying to make her feel better.

If any of you need to feel better we’ll be happy to snuggle in your laps to make you feel better too!

Awww Mondays

Awww Monday‘s is a blog hop hosted by Sandee from Comedy-plus! You are supposed to post a picture that makes you say Awww.

This is me snuggling on mom’s lap. Mom gets upset tummies and I like to lay on her belly and purr and make her feel better. Sometimes she moves too much and I hiss at her and go find a calm place to sleep. Mom’s are wiggly sometimes. She tells me I’m a hissy butt or old man when that happens.

Just a heads up there might not be a post Wednesday and Thursday. It depends on our surprise so if we’re MIA things are ok and mom will post when things are calmer for the surprise.

Inspire me Monday

Inspire me Monday is a blog hop hosted by Create with Joy. It’s a place to share your creative inspirations, visions, and showcase your talents.

Mom is on a big rock kick and she finished some of her rocks that tumbled around for over 5 weeks.

These are moms finished rocks. See how shiny they are? The dark ones are ocean jasper, the darker blue ones are blue quartz, and the light blue ones at the top right are blue lace agate.

Mom’s been selling some of her stones as she’s got way too many now. So now there’s tons of envelopes in the front room too. Mom was going to try to work on projects this weekend but then she ended up organizing and putting up her crafting supplies instead.

There is some good news. The hot weather has gone away and we’re going to be in the 70s for a while! More catio time for us!

We hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Monday,

Friendly Feline Fill-ins

Friendly Fill-ins

This blog is joining the Friendly Fill-in blog hop from Miss Ellen at 15andmeowing and Miss Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs. Miss Ellen came up with the first two and Miss Lorianne the second two. If you don’t want to make a post you can answer them in Miss Ellen’s or Miss Lorianne’s comments!

I’m a nice kitty and always let my mom answer the questions. Her responses will be in red below.

1. I wish I had been alive during the 50s, things seemed slower and simpler in some ways. I also love the fashions and decorations and everything.
2. My favorite way to have apples is apple crisp made by my mom.
3. I was sad to find out that one of my friends died early this morning. I’ve been very sad and heart broken.
4. Ordering photo prints isn’t rocket science. (But it sure feels like it some days!)

YAY mom! You did it. All by yourself. (Mom is giving me dirty looks now MOL)

Feline Friday

We’re also joining the Feline Friday blog hop from Sandee at Comedy-plus.

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Lilah and the flutter bugs

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That’s me fighting the flutter bugs. Mom turned them on and they kept hitting me in the feet. Isn’t that really mean of them? Mom says sorry the video is so dark and the background sound it was the air conditioner being very loud. But I did good and after the video was over I bit the red buggie and pulled them into the kitchen. I’m a superb huntress.

Being a black cat I get dirty easily. Have you guys had this problem too?

Mom is constantly pulling fluffs off my face. She says I’m nosy and I collect dust like a mop. MOL sometimes I get grumpy when she tries to clean me up and I run away and she makes my people sister chase me!

Mom is also curious if this magic happens in your houses. If you drop anything soft? It instantly becomes a cat bed. It’s like magic. Look at this awesome cat bed she dropped. She did say ‘oh, pillow no.’ but by that time I had curled up with a baby for a nap.

So do you all have a magic floor that turns things to cat beds too?

Shabbat Shalom and have a wonderful weekend,

Our shabbat candles last week.

Thankful Thursday

Hi efuryone! We’re joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.

This week we’re thankful for the Garbage Collection people. Their job isn’t a well thought of one but they still come every week and they do it happily. They like to wave at me from the window.

The others except Lilah are scared of the trucks but I like to watch them every week. It’s always the same man that waves at me but sometimes his friend likes to make funny faces at me.

They come when it’s super hot and when it’s thundering and even when there’s snow. They are pretty awesome people and mom leaves them water bottles too. They seem to like that.

So there’s our thanks for this week. We hope you all have a wonderful calm Thankful Thursday.

Purrs and Licks,


Wordless Wednesday (mostly)

We just want to take a moment to remind everyone that we love you all. Mom made a new page in memory of all the blogger kitties (and doggies) that have cross to the rainbow bridge. You can click it above and each picture has a link to the blog of that angel.

If you would like to join the blog hops click the pics below.

Many snuggles and furry foot pats,

P.S. 7 days to go!

Azrael Update

Hi everyone! Mom Issy here and Azzy is done at the vet and we have an update!

He was not happy to go back in his carrier and let us know about it. Haha yes I call him Bean. It’s one of his nicknames. Beanit and Bean Dip, as well as Green Beans and Baked Bean haha.

Now for the news everyone is waiting for. NO MANX SYNDROME!!! YAY!!!!!!! He does show an old healed pelvic fracture that they think he got when he was very very young. Which would explain his odd walking and the hopping he does sometimes.

They say he’s at increased risk of arthritis as he ages and when he gets older he can go on a supplement to hopefully help that.

So we’re so happy and relieved! And now we know to watch him as he gets older because of the old fracture. I guess things like rain and stuff can make it hurt just like a person’s old breaks.

Thank you all for your good words and thoughts and prayers. He’s just going to be a bit odd of a walker and that’s ok. We love him so much no matter what.


Mom Issy