Awww 4 years and toebeans galore

We have some news. We are a day late for our Awww Monday but this is a good awww so you guys will want to see it.

Yesterday? Was sister Kyrie’s 4 year gotcha day! She has lived with us for a good while now.

Here is a 4 year photo of Miss Kyrie

It’s hard to believe she’s come so far and she likes sleeping in mom’s lap and sleeping with the little brother. Especially since when we first got her? No one saw her for four months. She just hid under the bed, then one day out of nowhere she came out and meowed at mom and begged for scritches. Now she’s a big lap fluff.

She’s shocked it’s been 4 years also. We love having her here though and she’s a very very good sister. Happy 4 years Valkyrie!

Now as you might remember last week we launched Toebean Tuesday so who’s toes are we sharing this week?

Balthazar! He has black toebeans like all Bengals. He also has a blep going on in this photo. 

The holiday shinys are taking over our house now, they are everywhere and it makes the little kits a bit hyper. Thankfully they have not knocked over the big trees so those are safe I think now. Knock on wood as mom says.

We hope you all have a wonderful Toebean and Tabby Tuesday and a belated Awww Monday. We’ll go ahead and link to the Aww Monday at Comedy-Plus too. Please also consider joining our Toebean Tuesday.

Many purrs and head nudges,


P.S. Before we forget! The day before yesterday was also Lilah’s 4 month birthday. So many important things to remember to post about today. Happy 4 months Lilah.

Happy Caturday

We’ve not done a Caturday Art hop in a while. So today is a treat and mom did photos of all five of us!

The family has been putting up all kinds of decorations. Funny candle holders and silly tops. But also trees in the house! They do this every year but this year we have babies and they are so confused now.

I tried to explain Chanukah and Christmas but I think some things they just will need to experience themselves.

Mom made all these in an app on her phone called Prisma

Balthazar, Gabriel, and I like sleeping under the inside trees. Azrael and Lilah like to pat at the things hanging down low. Mom says she hung up soft ones so it didn’t hurt if they go flying mol.

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There’s a new editor here on wordpress and we are struggling to adjust so please have patience with us as we figure it out.

Whisker Kisses,



Feline Friday Fill-ins

We hope you all are coming out of your turkey comas and are ready for the weekend and the shopping days. Chanukah is starting very shortly on December 2 and then Christmas is later in the month as is Yule.

Mom Issy has lots of decorations for all the holidays. She says lights and pretty things make her happy and if people don’t like it thpppbbbbbt

November14 (8)

That’s Valkyrie. Mom said she was being a squishy kitty and she thought it was funny. We all had a really good Thanksgiving and we hope you did too. What kinds of food did you eat? What was your favorite? Did you have any family drama?

We didn’t have any drama thankfully just sleepy and lots of naps. The mom and the dad put out an outside light tree which is really nice to watch from the window.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now because it’s Feline Friday and not Tree Friday here’s a photo of me. Anytime mom says ‘Hey Balthazar’ I decides to yell ‘what’ and she takes the photo. She thinks she’s so funny


Now for the fill ins with mom! We are joining 15andMeowing and Four-legged Furballs for this hop.

1. Black Friday is a very strange time of year where people go crazy.
2. A pet peeve of mine at this time of year is people who take photos of thousands of photos beneath their trees.

3. ‘Tis the season for friends, family, and egg nog.

4. I never jumped on the alcohol bandwagon.
Don’t forget to check out the blog hops friends. We hope if you are shopping that you stay safe and be smart. Cheap electronics and presents are not worth your life.
Mom and dad have sometimes gone out on black Friday but only after the initial craze and much later in the day. Mom has been working on crafts and we’ve been helping but she ran out of these little red puffs that she was putting on the tree skirt, so there’s a chance they will venture out tomorrow to get more.
Azrael and Lilah are getting on like two peas in a pod. They love each other. Lilah mom says is like a cat shaped blob of darkness. You take your eyes off her for a moment and she’s gone. Sometimes she looks like she’s melting into things too MOL. It’s so strange having a little shadow sister. She’s hard to keep track of even for me. Sometimes Azrael looses her and goes around crying and crying until he finds her again and guess what? Today? They napped together! 
I’m going to go take a nap and maybe chase my mousie but I hope you guys have a good Friday.
Nose boops,


Wordless Wednesday with Lilah


Little Lilah is coming so far. She played all day yesterday around the house and only had to be kenneled again at nighttime.

Balthazar isn’t sure he likes her yet but he’s kind of grumbly in general sometimes. Mom got some things that plug into the wall. She says in about a month we should all feel more comfy. I’m not sure they’ll work but I hope so.  Balthazar did give me a bath today though so at least he still likes me.

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Whisker Kisses,



Toebean Tabby Tuesday

Hello furrends. I am so glad to have you this wonderful Tabby Toebean Tuesday.

Mom decided we were going to make Toe Bean Tuesday a blog hop even though we are also joining in all the other blog hops too MOL. Since we’ve never ever hosted a hop before you’ll have to be extra patient with us while we figure out the technical things. 

To join this hop is easy though. Just post a photo of your toe beans on Tuesday and come share your link with us in the Mr Linky place. We will come check our your photo and leave a comment too.

So here is me and my lovely soft pink toe beans for this first Toebean Tuesday of our hop. Mom wants you to know my toes are super soft and sometimes I let her massage them. It makes me sleepy.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Since it is also Tabby Tuesday here’s a great photo of Azrael mom took the other day

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He always looks so shocked and it makes me and Valkyrie laugh and laugh at him. Sometimes when he’s asleep we will sneak up and swat him on the butt and he jumps and takes off. Mom always tells us it’s not nice but he looks so funny when he jumps up and sometimes his little tail puffs up.

We hope you all have an amazing and fun Tabby Toe Bean Tuesday!

Many purrs and head nudges



Feline Fill-in Friday

Hello everyone, I hope you are staying nice and warm. It’s got so cold here that I’m so glad I’m the fluffiest although the boys keep trying to cuddle up to me and sometimes I’m not so happy about that.

Welcome to another Feline Friday with Comedy-Plus

Last night mom was looking for Azrael the little boy and couldn’t find him and she was getting really scared.  Just by chance she glanced at Ralph the shark bed and found him! It was so funny because Azzy hasn’t slept in Ralph for a long time but mom thinks it’s because she put Ralph up on some totes so he’s tall now

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He was even smiling in his sleep. MOL! Mom gets nervous when she can’t find us because sometimes the human kids hold the door open without meaning to and mom thinks we’re going to run away.

Now because today is Friday and tonight starts Shabbat we’re going to share Gabriel the Shabbat cat!  Mom too this photo last week and thought it was so funny.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She says she’s going to have one of us other’s be Shabbat cat tonight. I wonder who she’ll pick?

We are also participating in Fill-in Friday hosted by Four-Legged Furballs and 15andMeowing. (Even though I’m in charge of this blog post mom is the one who fills out the questions. We like to give her some time on the blog too)

1. I can’t wait to have Turkey and Mashed Potatoes on Thanksgiving. (We are in the USA and the kitties sometimes get treats of plain turkey (no seasonings and never a lot). We love Thanksgiving and that also means we can put up our decorations!)
2. I am thankful for my husband, children, kitties, and all my blog friends I’ve made.
3. When it comes to pie, pumpkin pie is the best.
4. A feast is not a feast without gravy.

Hope you all have a Pawsome Friday! Don’t forget to check out the Blog Hops!


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