Caturday Art Hop!

   Hi Friends! Sorry it’s been a hot minute since we posted but our life is going crazy again. Looks like we might be moving. To something mom says is her ‘forever never moving away home’. This apartment has been very very bad and not what the landperson promised an it’s making mommy and sisters sick. But mom says they are buying a house that will be there’s forever and it has lots of windows.

     We’ll let you know how it’s going. Now for Caturday art mom have a funny photo of the baby boy Azrael and a really pretty photo of Valkyrie!


Look how funny he looks! Mom used Lunapic and here’s what his photo looks like before.

July27 (3).JPG

He was posing after a long hunt for his crinkle ball. Do any of you out there know where to buy crinkle balls? Mom got this in a kit but now can’t find junk crinkle balls anywhere and Azrael loves them.

He’s getting very big and we love him very much.

Here’s Miss Kyrie


She looks like a beautiful painting. Mom used Prisma on her phone to make this photo pretty. Here’s what her photo looked like before that

July26 (6).JPG

So there’s our art. Can you keep me, Balthazar, in your purrs and good throughts friends? I’m struggling with ringworm on my forehead that I got from a little child visitor we had here. They didn’t tell mommy until they left that the little child had ringworm on their hand. Mom is treating me with cream.

We hope you all have a great Caturday Art Day! Don’t forget to join the Blog Hop!




Awwww Monochrome Sparks

“To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks but a special heart that listens.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Hi guys! Happy Monochrome Monday! Mom’s spark is above, she thinks it’s an important one right now. Mom has also decided that since I’m the one who started Monochrome Monday that I’m the one who gets to host it every Monday! So here’s a monochrome of me and Azrael.

Btw Azrael is 4 months old today!


Also mom wants you all to know that we got through the 4th of July ok. Valkyrie and I hid under the bed but mom had made us a safe comfy nest so we were ok. We hope all your kitties and doggies were ok too!

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A (Not so) Wordless Wednesday

   Hi Furends! Balthazar here! Happy 4th of July if you live in the USA. If not HAPPY Wednesday! Today’s Wednesday and it’s supposed to be Wordless but mom and me wanted to update you all on the baby.

    Azrael went to the vet on Monday and he’s really healthly and got three shots. But he has a yeast infection in his ears. Kitties with curled ears tend to have lots and lots of wax and they need to be cleaned weekly to keep them from getting too yucky. Mom and dad have to use a special cleaner in his ears and put medicine in every night for 21 days. Azrael is getting fixed on July 25 and mom says they’ll recheck his ears them and do a really good clean out and make sure his ears are empty. 

    After his vet appointment Azzy came home and conked out in Ralph the shark for the rest of the day. (You can click the photos to make them bigger)

So since I’ve updated you on Azrael we’ll do the rest of our Wednesday pretty wordless.





We know not everyone of our friends reading is in the USA. But almost all countries have holidays with fireworks. So we’ll share them today and it’s a good bunch of information. Please those of you who are in the USA make sure your pets are safe and secure.

We hope you all have a good Wednesday and if you are in the USA a great 4th of July and stay safe furends!

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Feline Flashback Friday

Hi everybody! It’s Valkyrie here and we’re a bit late posting. Our cold blower in the house still is broken. Mom and the sisters have been freezing bottles of wet and letting us lay on them. They help keep us cool. We’ve not felt like playing much because of the broke cold blower but mom says someone an ‘electricman’ is supposed to come to the house and fix the blower on the cold blower! Then maybe it will be cold again!

So for our feline Friday we have a few photos. Mom took a really funny photo of the baby and I wanted to share them with you.

june25 (7)june25 (4)

Mom collects these bowls. She has a whole bunch of colorful ones she calls “pyrex” and we like to climb in them and mom takes photos. MOL

Here’s Balthazar looking all pretty. We really like his eyes.


Mom wants to flashback to a baby Balthazar photo so come along as we go back in time almost 7 years ago!


Mom doesn’t have any baby photos of me but she said next week we’ll do one from when I first came to the house and was all scared. I’m so different now. When mom first got me? I was living at a foster home in a room that I was in all by myself. The foster mom was nice but I didn’t like being alone. She told my mom that I didn’t play with anything and wasn’t a lap cat. But she was very wrong. I opened up at my new house! I play with those evil hair scrunchies and I drop them in the water bowl so they stop fighting me. I also play with the new baby and all kinds of strings and little red dot lights.

The baby is settling into the house ok. We all play with him now too. I chased him around and around the ottoman last night and him and Balthazar were biting playing. Azrael likes to bunny kick us. Mom lets us play as long as everyone isn’t crying. When someone cries out she separates us and always makes sure to watch.

So tune in tomorrow because mom has some fun art! Also don’t forget to check out our instagram. Mom posts a lot of photos there. So very many. It’s at Angelic_Garrion

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Feline Flashback Friday with Fill-ins

    Hi everyone! Gabriel here and I’m hosting the Flashback Friday because Mom is flashing back to my baby photo.

     So here’s me and my little toy kitty from when I was a baby. Look how little and cute I was. I even had a collar and a bell! Mom also put these little caps on my toenails because I was a clawy kitten mol.

gabriel Feb 11, 2011

Next we’ll do our fill-ins which are from 15andmeowing and her cohost and it will be linked below.

1. My favorite scent is Christmas trees. Whenever mom and dad get a real tree I go nuts and rub all over the tree. I never do it to fake trees or even other types of Christmas trees. Only Frasier firs.

2. I hope to sleep a lot and play with some cool toys this weekend.
3. Cans opening is music to my ears. It usually means wet dinner time.
4. Home is where my mommy and sisters are.

Now it’s also Feline Friday so I’ve got some photos mom took during the week to share with you. We are all adjusting to Azrael being here now. I like to play with him a lot and he is a smart kit and knows that hissing means I don’t want to play at the moment and usually he’ll go find something else to do.

It’s been so hot none of us have been doing much but sleeping. Mom says we have issues with our air-conditioning not working so much. So it gets up to 83 in the house some days and with humidity it’s just really yucky.
So check out the blog hops and join us here again soon. Mom says she’s sorry she’s not been able to help us post often. Adjusting to a new baby in the house even if it’s a kitten takes work! Babies are very time consuming!



Caturday Art Hop

  Hi guys! Gabriel here and today we are joining the Caturday Art blog hop but first we need to give some sad news.

  Our cousin cat Callie is crossing the rainbow bridge today. We are so very sad to hear about this. Callie owns two tiny humans and two big ones. Here’s two none art photos of Callie so you can send love and prayers for her crossing the bridge.



Her oldest tiny human is 4 years old and it’s been a very traumatic few days for them. So please pray for the family too.

Now for some not so somber news. Azrael is settling in ok. I even played with him for a bit this morning but then he jumped at me like a wild animal and I ran away. Mom thinks it’s really funny that us old cats run away because we don’t want to play with him. But he’s kind of hyper. He cries though and it makes us sad. Mom said he’s a mouthy baby like Balthazar.

Mom used Lunapic editor this week and did a photo of each of us so I’ll share those now.


Mom made us all look so pretty! Even Azrael is underwater. This is the second time she’s made Kyrie smokey but she says it looks cool with her fluffy.

So don’t forget to check out Miss Athena’s blog hop and see all the pretty arts for today!


Thankful Thursday – Introductions!

Hi everyone! Mom Issy here. Since this is an introductory post I figured I’d write the post today. However I’m also very very thankful for our new baby so Thankful Thursday it is.

May I present to you Azrael. He’s a Highlander (also known as Highland Lynx) and was born on 3/9/2018. He’ll be 14 weeks old tomorrow. He’s got curled ears and a natural short tail (no modification happened here so no worries) Azrael is named after the angel of Death. We figured he’d go along well with Valkyrie, Gabriel, and Balthazar.

I figured for this very thankful day I’d share his very baby photos and then his here at his forever home photos.

Here he is in a basketful of siblings! He’s the only light colored oneImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Here he is at 2 weeks oldImage and video hosting by TinyPic

and here’s 10 weeks oldImage and video hosting by TinyPic

And here he is settling into his new home with us
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We all absolutely love him. He’s still being kept separate from the other angels of course but Gabriel and him have sniffed at each other a few times with no issues. Azrael instantly runs away and that seems to make Gabriel a bit sad but I told him it would be ok. Azrael is still such a tiny little guy but we love him so very much already.

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing him grow up with us. Please don’t forget to check out the Blog Hop at Brian’s Home by clicking the photo below!