We’re okay

Sorry we’ve been absent for a long time. Life gets really hard sometimes. Also I can’t upload photos from my phone anymore. It says I need to fix my settings but when I go to my settings everything is bonked. So I have to get on my computer which adds more steps. I’m going to try and get my husband to figure out what settings I need to fix.

Raziel sitting on the arm of the bed staring at the camera

Lilah laying on the carpet with her hand grabbing an elastic and staying at the camera.

So here’s Lilah and Raziel for you all!

How everyone!

Mom Issy here! We’ve been on a long break until after the election was over and it finally is and yesterday was amazing.

It feels like I can breathe a little now. We’ve also had some wild kitty drama. In mid December one of my kids was sewing and put down the project and Raziel ate a sewing needle. It got lodged in his throat and he needed surgery to get it out. He made it through surgery and healed up well. But then last Thursday he had to get neutered! He’s had a rough two months but he’s still being a sweet cuddle boy

He’s in kitty quarantine until next Thursday but he’s healing well and no signs of infection. He’s tired of being away from the rest of the house though.

Every other kitty is doing well. With zero drama. Azraels birthday is coming up in March! Hell be 3 years old!

Now that we don’t all feel like we’re standing on the edge of a cliff we’ll try and get posting again!

We’ve missed you all terribly so!

Mom Issy and the Clowder

Thankful Thursday

This post is brought to you by from the Thankful Thursday blog hop from Brians Home Blog.

This week I’m super thankful for our Haunted Hotel cat house!

It’s got two stories which means even more scratching spots than usual.

I can be on the top part and Azrael on the bottom at the same time and he won’t bother me too bad.

Mom sprinkled catnip in the house too which makes us all happy. Raziel likes to go in and out of the windows like a silly kitten. Raziel doesn’t react to catnip yet. Apparently kitties need to be about 6 months for that. But there’s a chance Raziel might not ever react to catnip as it’s a hereditary trait.

Me though? I love catnip. It makes me lick the ground and the sky and the house and myself. I like to roll around in it cause it makes me happy. Gabriel and Azrael both like catnip too. But Valkyrie and Lilah do not. So we’ll have to wait and see if Razzy ends up being a nip addict.

This scratchy hotel is two times the size of our other scratch house. Lots more places to scratch too. We’re thankful for all the spooky Halloween stuff too. Mom has been putting up lots of decorations and fun things and lots of stuffy toys for us that are spooky too.

Head butts and paw swipes,

Happy Tuesday

Hi everyone! Sorry we had another three day weekend. Our weather is kind of crazy and it makes mom want to stay in bed. The weather will be nice and warm one day like 78-80 F (25.5-26 C) and then the next day? It will be 60 F (15 C) it makes us all feel icky. Mom gets stuck in bed and Gabriel gets extra grumpy.

The weather is supposed to finally stay cool coming up after Wednesday. So hopefully next week we’ll have a good Monday post for everyone.

Because he didn’t get his day yesterday I’m going to share a photo of Gabriel today so he doesn’t get left out. Here’s a nice photo of him smiling.

And here’s me taking a nap. Sometimes we fight over who gets to sit in mom’s chair MOL

And here’s baby Razzy, he’s such a fluffy brother but I’ve liked playing with him. He’ll chase me down the hall so I chase him up the hall. But I don’t like when he jumps on me when I’m leaving the litter box. I’m trying to teach him that that’s not good manners.

Lots of pictures for Happy Tuesday. Mom wants me to remind you all if you live in places that have Autumn to maybe unhook your hoses if it’s going to get cold. You don’t want to have things freeze and break.

Mom took our hose away today and put up some outside Halloween decorations. Including the ghost projector! Here’s the ghosts inside the house when mom was making sure it worked. We chirped at these ghosts, they looked a lot like sun fairies.

This post was brought to you by the Happy Tuesday blog hop. Hosted by Sandee from Comedy-plus.

Have a wonderful purr filled Tuesday,
Azrael (And Gabriel and Raziel)

Friendly Feline Fill-ins

Feline Friday

Guess what! Lilah here and I’m all better. Unfortunately I’m still trapped in the kid’s room for a little longer as mom doesn’t want everyone to get sick.

This post is joining Feline Friday a blog hop hosted by Sandee from Comedy-plus. Click the link and go check it out.

Every time someone opens the door I try to sneak out and I cry about it. The owie on my nose is slowly healing up. Mom wonders if I’ll always have a pink spot for a scar? Does anyone out there with a black nose know how it heals up? Will it turn black again or am I stuck with a pink nose line?

Mom says it’s ok whatever happens as long as it heals up and doesn’t make me hurt. Mom says I’ll get out of the quarantine room next week and then I can play with all the Halloween stuff. Mom is still watching me close and giving me lots of cuddles though.

Here’s a fun Halloween song in the meantime. This is mom and sister S’s favorite Halloween song. It’s a bop

Friendly Fill-ins

This blog is also joining the Friendly Fill-in blog hop from Miss Ellen at 15andmeowing and Miss Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs. Miss Ellen came up with the first two and Miss Lorianne the second two. If you don’t want to make a post you can answer them in Miss Ellen’s or Miss Lorianne’s comments!

Now it’s mom’s turn to play with the questions. She’s going to be answering in red.

1. 2006 was a very good year. That’s the year I had my youngest kid.
2. Whenever I look outside and see the orange leaves, I get really excited as I love how pretty they look.
3. I look forward to drinking apple cider this time of year.
4. Mirrors and Windows without curtains at nighttime creeps me out. I always think I’m going to see a face looking back at me.

Mom really doesn’t like windows after dark. All the curtains have to be closed or she gets all freaked out. She also has a big mirror that she covers up at nighttime too. MOL poor mom. Are you worried about windows or mirrors?

What’s your favoritest Halloween song? How about movie? There’s a really good one we kitties like called The Halloween Tree. You all should check it out!

Love and sky mittens and Shabbat Shalom,

Thankful Thursday

This post is brought to you by the Thankful Thursday blog hop hosted by Brian’s Home Blog. Go check it out and maybe join in if you feel inspired.

This Thursday we’re very thankful for pictures. Mom has been showing me pictures of me when I was a baby. It’s so funny because I was very little.

See all those spots I had? I still have them all but I think they were more noticeable when I was little because I was much lighter colored!

I still like water a whole lots and I like to eat it in the bathtub. I don’t like baths no more though. Raziel does though. He likes to take baths every week cause he’s very strange and fluffy.

I’m very thankful that mom lets me nap with her in the big chair too. She puts the feets out and I go to sleep there. It’s a really good sleepy spot.

Raziel likes naps on mom’s computer though. I think he’s probably thankful that mom lets him. She tells me I’m too giant to nap on her keyboard MOL She says I’m 20 pounds and I would break the keys!

Purrs and Headbutts,

Happy Tuesday!

Hi friends! We’re joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop hosted by Miss Sandee from Comedy-plus.

Sorry we missed yesterday, sometimes Mondays are hard. Especially since we now have a baby in the house. But some good news? Lilah is doing lots lots better! Our doctor knew what they were talking about, it’s been 5 days and she has no snotty nose and is breathing and isn’t so skinny. She also is eating the dry foods and her wet foods. Her nose still has a little booboo on it you can see it in the photo but that will take a little bit longer to heal up mom says.

See? I like to play with her under the door and we smack feets together. Sometimes she gets really good hits in and pops my peets really well.

The other day? I was licking my tail and gave it a bit of a bad hair day and the hair all stuck up. Mom and the people sister were laughing at me and following me around! It was very rude and mom even took a photo!

I was very offended and told her she gets to sleep alone for a few days. Taking photos of ones bad hair days is not very polite. They were calling me ‘piggy bottom’ *sigh* Can you believe what I have to live with?

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday filled with happy things,

A Feline Friday Lilah Update and Fill-ins

Hi everyone! It’s Mom Issy again. Because Lilah is still sick I’ll be in charge of this Friday’s post for our hops.

Miss Lilah saw the vet again, this time our regular vet and wow. They had some words about that Emergency Vet we saw. They did everything totally not what our vet would do. Lilah is hydrated but has lost two pounds and is malnourished.

She sounds congested but the vet gave her a Convenia shot which should work in her for two weeks and prescribed a 14 day dose of Orbax a different antibiotic. They also gave her this liquid diet stuff called Rebound, she’ll be on that for 6.5 days at 25 ml a day. Syringe feeding a cat is scary but the vet thinks in 48-72 hours we should definitely see an improvement of our little girl.

Feline Friday

This blog post is participating in the Feline Friday blog hop hosted by Sandee from Comedy-plus.

Here’s a pic of my sick girl, still bright eyed despite her yucky nose and how skinny she’s gotten

I hope these new meds get her feeling better soon. I’ve had a lot of good cries over her and I just want her to be well and herself again.

She’s so young and she’s such a blessing in my life. Losing her will break my heart in ways I don’t want to think about. Please Gd let her get better.

Friendly Fill-ins

This blog is joining the Friendly Fill-in blog hop from Miss Ellen at 15andmeowing and Miss Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs. Miss Ellen came up with the first two and Miss Lorianne the second two. If you don’t want to make a post you can answer them in Miss Ellen’s or Miss Lorianne’s comments!

1. You will never find coffee in my home.
2. Once a year, I wash all my head scarves before the autumn gets too cold. I love to hang them to dry and they are all fresh through the winter.
3. My mouth has gotten me in trouble.
4. The last time I went ice skating was when I was 13.


She’s such a pretty void kitty.

Today for a fun story. Raziel? Waited until his human sibling was in the tub? And decided to jump in. He got drenched. Even as my kid was holding him hollering for us he was trying to wiggle free and swim around. Good news? he’s clean. He also tolerated the hair dryer. So now his coat is super fluffy and soft. LOL

Have a Blessed Shabbat and a Wonderfuk Sukkot and please continue praying for Lilah,
Mom Issy